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Supply Financing
for the Digital Economy

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By digitizing the B2B payments ecosystem, KEO has given businesses a seamless and secure way to finance their supplies and drive efficiency in their cash flow. With all-digital supply finance solutions, businesses experience increased flexibility and speed in B2B transactions that accelerate business growth.

The KEO Difference


Move paper-based processes and payments methods to digital workflows. Experience an enhanced and more efficient way to make payments.

Experience the KEO difference.

Invoice Factoring
KEO World
Traditional Lending
Digital ecosystem
Multi-payment cycle
Operational burden
Revolving finace
Flexible solutions

Traditional Banking is very

focused on larger companies,

KEO supports SMEs.

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Oil & Fuel

Import fuel company with more than 30 years in the industry. The Problem: Given current economic challenges in the industry, the company was asked to pre-pay for oil importation, which created a working capital disruption they couldn't afford. The Solution: KEO offered the company an incremental line of credit and extended terms. The Outcome: The company has access to better pricing, inventory and increased purchasing power through pre-payments.

Food Distribution

Wholesale meat supplier with more than 150 clients in the hospitality and restaurant industry. The Problem: The company no longer had access to bank credit and needed working capital to take advantage of buying opportunities to grow their business. The Solution: KEO provided the company with a revolving working capital line and extended terms. The Outcome: The company increased its sales by 30% and was able to offer their clients a 10% discount on the purchases of raw materials in return.

Automotive Industry

Top-selling tire brand worldwide; leading global brand among the top 5 tire companies. The Problem: The company changed their internal risk policy and could not allow their business clients to purchase inventory (tires) without having an external credit source. The Solution: KEO formed a partnership with the company, financing their business clients' revolving inventory purchases. The Outcome: KEO’s financing solution enabled their business clients to purchase more inventory at a discounted rate. Increasing sales for both the company and their business clients.

Technology Industry

LaptopShop with more than 20 years of experience selling computer equipment from the most recognized brands. The Problem The financing period granted by their technology distributor was less than the collection period they extend to their customers. The Solution: KEO partnered with the technology product and service distributor, Ingram Micro, to offer their clients extended terms and flexible finance solutions to purchase inventory. The Outcome: The company has access to better pricing, extended terms, and increased purchasing power.

Powering Businesses Across The Americas

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