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Keo World Hires New Country Manager for Colombia and Ecuador

Updated: Jan 31

Keo World was created to find solutions to help millions of unbanked people around the world gain access credits and other financial services.

With over 10 allies, Keo is now providing its financial services in 6 different countries in order to close this gap. This expansion involves many different challenges and opportunities, for which Johanna Londoño Metke has accepted to be part of as the new Country Manager for Colombia and Ecuador.

Johanna began her consulting career at Deloitte and Accenture. For more than 12 years, she led more than 40 projects for the Latin American market in strategy, payment methods, capital markets, among others. She comes directly from Mastercard where she worked as account manager for different international clients, helping the implementation of the commercial marketing and operational strategy for banks in Colombia and Venezuela. She was also part of the Mastercard Advisors Team leading more than 20 projects in loyalty, issuing, acquiring, digital, and lifecycle, in different countries such as Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Dominican Republic, and Colombia.

Her years of experience in sales and consulting will serve the business strategy of Keo and its clients in these competitive markets. “I put my expertise at the service of Keo to design and develop disruptive strategies that allow us to achieve our main objective: the access of the unbanked population to digital financial products in the easiest, safest, and fastest way,” states Johanna.

We believe she will be a great asset who can accomplish day-to-day challenges. On behalf of all managers, members and staff; Keo welcomes Johanna to the company.

JULY 2020

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