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Keo World Hires New Vice President of Strategic Alliances

Updated: Jan 24

Keo World is committed to expanding its credit services into new channels and shape the future of financial inclusion for millions. To assist in expanding Keo’s footprint, Giovanni Calvi has been appointed Vice President of Strategic Alliances.

Giovanni is a businessman and an international expert in the field of microfinance and SME financing. Over the course of the last 20 years, Giovanni founded and led financial and commercial companies and projects across Latin America, these experiences allowed him to cultivate a deep understanding of the realities in the economy and micro-economies in the region.

Giovanni’s extensive background will be a great asset to expanding Keo’s partnerships.

“My passion has always been to ‘link the world’, from the small-scale producer or micro-entrepreneur to the biggest companies in the US and Europe; with that, I’m very excited to extend my experience and help grow Keo’s footprint through regional alliances,” said Giovanni Calvi.

Keo is excited to have Giovanni as Vice President of Strategic Alliances, and we are pleased to welcome him to the family.

NOV 2020

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