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Keo World Hires New CFO

Keo World, an innovative lending Fintech, has appointed Gabriel Sinopoli as its Global Chief Financial Officer.

As we enter more complex and competitive markets, Keo World requires an experienced CFO to contribute to the company with a deep knowledge on the financial industry, specifically of the FinTech sector. For that, Gabriel Sinopoli brings more than 20 years of experience and success in directing responsible and sustainable growth in the financial sector, by translating complex financial analyses into strategic and tactical initiatives improving profit margin and cash flow.

Paolo Fidanza, Keo's CEO and Co-Founder, announced Gabriel’s hiring stating, “We are very confident and happy to have Gabriel join our team; not only Gabriel brings a wealth of experience with him, but he is also a team builder and an amazing person, I look forward to working with him and to his contribution to make Keo a global brand and very successful FinTech.”

In the last 7 years, Gabriel led the financial activities for the FinTech ecosystem at SafetyPa and 4Finance, where he worked with non-card based network payment technology and in the delivery of more than 11 million loans valued in more than 5 billion euros. Previously to that, Gabriel spent 17 years with American Express, where in his latest assignment covered the role of CFO for Spain.

“I am very happy and excited to join Keo and be part of a very talented team. Thank you Paolo for this opportunity. I am confident that there are no limits ahead to make Keo continue to grow and be a global leader in the FinTech sector,” said Gabriel.

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