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Investor Relations

KEO is a privately held company and has attracted the support of extremely sophisticated institutional and personal investors, resulting in a strong and healthy capital structure.

Hayfin is a leading global Debt and Equity fund headquartered in London. It has invested more than €28 billion of capital across more than 400 portfolio companies.

Mayberry is a full service financial advisory and brokerage firm serving the Caribeean region. Its AUM is $18b and the firm is closely affiliated with international syndicates such as Oppenheimer & Co., Morgan Keegan, Bank of America and Deutsche Bank. The company has over 100 qualified professionals.

Montreux Growth Partners was founded by Mr. Dan Turner, and it is focused on making growth capital investments in category-leading companies. Mr. Turner was a Principal in the Turnaround Group for Berkeley International, and the founding Chief Financial Officer of Oclassen Pharmaceuticals.

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