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Accelerate Business Growth

Optimize Working Capital

  • A working capital revolving line of credit to finance key supplies and extend existing terms.

  • 100% of supplier invoices settled upfront.

  • Flexible short-term payments tailored to your business needs.

  • Digital end-2-end solution to boost your purchasing power.

Keo World is your partner 

if you would like to offer financing to your corporate clients:

Streamline your inventory purchases and develop stronger relationships with your suppliers.

All-Digital, Seamless Short-Term ​Working Capital Solution ​

All-Digital, Seamless Short-Term ​Working Capital Solution ​

Funded by Keo. Powered by American Express® a global partner in 100% digital financial solutions.

Strengthen Your Supplier Relationship

Workeo is a seamless all-digital working capital solution that enables you to purchase key recurring inventory essential to the growth of your business.

It’s a win-win solution for your business and supplier: offering you to additional funding days on your existing payment terms, while your supplier benefits from getting paid upfront.

If you would like to offer financing to your business clients, share a few details and we'll get in touch.

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Boost Your Purchasing Power

Workeo provides immediate payment to your supplier while offering you flexible  30-to-60 day payment options tailored to your business needs.


The solution allows you to negotiate better terms and costs with your supplier. Enabling you to boost your buying power, increase your cash flow and optimize your working capital.




After a quick digital funding review, businesses are issued credit on a Workeo American Express card which is “locked” for use on a specific supplier. Once transaction is repaid, credit is available automatically for subsequent purchases.

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