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KEO World Launches Multi-Product Payment & Collection Rails Within the Amex Business Link™ Platform

Mexico City, October 11, 2023 -- KEO World (KEO) today announced expanded capabilities for its Workeo product to integrate multi-product payment and collection rails within Amex Business Link™, a digital business-to-business (B2B) payments ecosystem where KEO customers manage Workeo products. As a result, Workeo customers in Mexico can now make payments to suppliers, collect invoices from buyers, and determine financial conditions, terms, and rates in real-time within the same digital environment of the Amex Business Link platform they already use.

“KEO continues its investment to improve its capabilities and provide complete and efficient digital payment solutions for its clients in Mexico, a country where Workeo’s digital line of credit in pesos or dollars, has been widely accepted. With the integration of the multi-product rails in Amex Business Link, we will expand our offerings to both buyers and sellers in the market, allowing KEO to provide our clients with a digital payment platform that handles settlement of all their invoices,” said Paolo Fidanza, Founder and CEO of KEO World. “We are proud to reach another ‘first’ with American Express, and together, we will continue to innovate in the B2B space.”

Through the use of Workeo, the Amex Business Link™ platform automates transactions and operations using advanced encryption and tokenization technology, which adheres to the highest security standards set by PCI (Process Control Indicator). KEO customers can now take advantage of this functionality, allowing them to securely and seamlessly digitize their transactions.

“Expanding the value proposition of the Amex Business Link™ platform is one of our priorities so that buyers and suppliers can make real-time decisions that optimize their working capital. Enabling multi-product rails for KEO provides better payment and collection tools under the same automated digital ecosystem their customers are already accustomed to,” said René Centeno, Commercial & B2B Head of American Express.

About KEO World

Founded in 2020, KEO is an innovative company helping buyers and suppliers accelerate business growth through all digital B2B payment and inventory financing solutions in partnership with American Express®. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, KEO operates in the US, Mexico and throughout Latin America.

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About American Express

American Express is a global integrated payments company that gives customers access to products, knowledge and experiences that enrich lives and build business success.

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Press Contact

Mikayla Jacobsen

KEO World Marketing and Communications

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VP of Corporate Affairs and Communications

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