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KEO World Introduces Workeo: A Credit Solution That Optimizes Working Capital And Drives Growth

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KEO World Introduces Workeo, a Credit Solution That Optimizes

Working Capital and Drives Business Growth through Amex Business Link™

• Workeo is an all-digital, revolving KEO line of credit offered in pesos or dollars that provides companies working capital to purchase recurring inventory essential to the growth of their business.

• It is a flexible and 100% digital solution that adapts to the management and needs of each company; manageable under the Amex Business Link™ platform that allows for payments to suppliers and collections to customers in an automated way.

México City, February 23, 2023 -- KEO World (KEO) is an innovative financial technology company founded in 2020 with the idea of offering personalized services to businesses based on financial flexibility, technology, and service.

KEO as the best business ally, presents Workeo, a revolving line of credit in pesos or dollars that is 100% digital and adapts to the management and needs of each company. Manageable from the digital platform, Amex Business Link™ facilitates the management of payments to buyers and suppliers, as well as custom collections.

Under the card issuance license with American Express and through the Amex Business Link™ platform, KEO's Workeo solution offers a new B2B payment ecosystem, focused on SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) so they can continue to accelerate their growth and improve their business relationships, with the support and security of the management of their resources.

KEO is regulated by the CNBV (National Banking and Securities Commission) under the SOFOM ENR (Sociedad Financiera de Objeto Multiple) regime. It was one of the first Non-Banking Financial Institutions (NBFIs) to be granted an issuing license by American Express® in México.

Paolo Fidanza, CEO and Founder of KEO World said, "According to INEGI data, more than one million businesses in México have closed down in the last few years, so the importance of SMEs in México continues to be fundamental, as they generate 72% of employment and more than 50% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP); this is why KEO promotes SMEs with Workeo."

René Centeno, Global Commercial & B2B Head of American Express said, "For American Express it is important to continue innovating and promoting SMEs, that is why together with KEO we bring this 100% digital solution, which contributes to the improvement of supply chains and business growth."

Workeo's operations are automated through Amex Business Link™, a PCI (Process Control Indicator) compliant platform that enables payment processing between businesses and their suppliers. Workeo works as short-term financing that can be combined with the commercial credits previously entered into with each supplier, thus providing purchasing capacity and supply chain optimization at a higher level of collaboration.

Among its main functions and benefits, and under the Amex Business Link™ platform, Workeo offers:

  • Systematize trade receivables relationships

  • Control and validate issued invoices

  • Manage accounts payable and accounts receivable

  • Generate reports and access to simplified reconciliations

  • Real-time revolving line control

  • Increased purchasing capacity

  • Retain and increase sales

  • Efficiency in administrative processes

  • Visualization of collections, invoicing, and payments

  • Avoiding shareholder dilution due to working capital increases

  • Short-term indebtedness (current liabilities)

This new offering in Mexico optimizes working capital across industries, modernizes the way companies buy and sell from each other, and helps improve and strengthen business relationships.

About KEO World

Founded in 2020, KEO is an innovative FinTech​ helping buyers and suppliers accelerate business growth through all-digital inventory financing and B2B payment solutions in partnership with American Express®. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, KEO operates in the U.S., Mexico and throughout Latin America through its Global Trade program. To learn more about KEO World, visit

About American Express

American Express is a globally integrated payments company that provides customers with access to products, knowledge and experiences that enrich lives and build business success.

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